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#TnTmsc: Information in case of irregularities

  • 4. semester: first time Fall 2013
  • ECTS 1/Semesterwochenstunden ?
  • 25-30 hours of work
  • Twitter: #TnTmsc

Background Snow removal on the Krøder line in Norway, snow problems is nothing new.The problem of providing information is not a new problem, it has been there since the start of public transport. With real time information the customers expect much better information than before and they are much more informed. Passenger waiting from a local train a typical Norwegian winter day.This section will focus on the following:

  • information from the customers point of view: case studies
  • how to provide deviation information: case studies
  • how to included deviation information in your systems
  • a case of an orgatnization not able to display information in their system: concequences
  • how to include deviation information on web pages. mobile apps and social media
  • how to collect information from deviation systems
  • the future of deviation information

There is little research in this field so the focus will be on case studies combined with the students own experience with deviation information Total breakdown of the Oslo central station, 2000+ passengers waiting to board buses. A typical case could look like:

  • Select a public transit service service that are close to you and that you use often
  • Try do document what information the public transport company offers in case of irregularities:
    • Do they display information on departure boards and real time display
    • Can you get more information about what happens in mobile applications?
    • Do they have a crisis banner on their web site or mobile site?
    • Can you subscribe to information notifications via email or SMS?
    • Do they use your position to adopt information?
    • Do they have staff that provide information outside office hours?
    • Do they use Twitter or social media to inform about deviations? Do they post manually or automatically?
    • Can you actually hear loadspeaker annoucements?
  • Try to document your experience with your provider with screenshots from web pages and mobile apps. If possible try to take pictures in situations that document what happens.
  • Provide this as a blog post or PDF to the class

This will be discussed in a class session where we look at all the case studies and what can be learned from them. Deutsche Bahn providing information about delays and Trafikanten in Oslo combining real time information with deviations.