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University background

University of Oslo: I spent the undergraduate years find out what I wanted to study. I had time to travel all over the public transit system in Oslo and Akershus. The system is good by I got tired of waiting for the bus on cold winter days. Line 22 and 25 made me understand that you need real time information about the departure times, these routes circumvents Oslo and are often delayed.  Molde University College: Spesialized University in Logistics: Two great years at the Molde fjord in Western Norway learning about public transport and logistics. At the last year in 1991 I connected to the Internet for the first time, logging into a computer in at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. I was hooked on being able to sit on a terminal in Molde and work on a server 200km away. Our professor Bjørn Andersen had talked about airline reservation systems and I connected that to the use of Internet. Norwegian University of Science and Technology: Studying Human computer interaction in my Master's Thesis in Psychology but spending most of the time working on understanding the Internet. It started out with my first email address in the fall of 1991, making the first article in the university newspaper about Internet and then teaching students in how to use the Internet from 1992. I never had time to finish my Master's degree, the internet exploded in Norway in 1994/95 and I was in the middle of it.Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: As an Erasmus student I studied Traffic Psychology in 1993. Much of the time was used to connect to Norway via at that time unknown Internet. I also did some training of professors and students since Internet was not hot in Germay before the mid 90s. Since the German railway museum is in Nürnberg my interest for passenger information systems through history started. I tried to make Internet know by sending faxes via a service over the Internet in Trondheim, begging student newspapers to write about the Internet.University of Minnesota: I spent 1993/94 as a Fulbright student at the University of Minnesota. In the fall I studied public transit and urban planning. But when I found a Mac with Mosaic 1.0 in the computer lab is was hooked on the web and spend the rest of the time learning HTML. The University of Minnesota had service for students home pages so I had to edit the pages on a server in Trondheim that is still alive: