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Den Bosch, NL: 180 meter realtime LED screen by NS

NS in the Netherlands has been testing a 180 meter long real time screen in Den Bosch, south of Utrecht:

 DSC 5018

A video present this very interesting concept:

In their owen words: "As from February 2013 The Dutch Railways are testing an elaboration of the Reisplanner Xtra app (travel planning app) for the Zwolle - Roosendaal track. About 1.000 travelers participate in a customer research to test this app. A real-time passenger counting on our trains, informs our passengers on how crowded trains they plan to catch are, updated in real-time. The information is broken down not only on a train-by-train basis, but also on a carriage-by-carriage basis, so that passengers can position themselves at the right point along the platform to optimise their chances of getting a seat. Other information supplied by the app includes the location of the 1st and 2nd class carriages, quiet carriages, entrances for bicycles and wheelchairs and train Wi-Fi information.

The proof of concept is extended by unlocking the app information into 180 meters of led lights along the platform of Den Bosch...enabling all travelers to benefit from the boarding information. NS' and Prorail's objective is to improve the passengers flow on the platform and during boarding of the trains.

In July 2013 the proof of concept will be terminated, followed by an evaluation of the test- and research results, in order to make an informed decision whether to implement this passenger counting system nationwide."

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